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    Adventures putting on your trousers- A Fabien story.


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    Adventures putting on your trousers- A Fabien story.

    Post  Fabien on Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:47 am

    The day had ebbed away in unremarkable stillness. Fabien had slept undisturbed upon the vampire’s sheets, his breathing low and heavy, his dreams too vague and uncomplicated to cause distress.  It was perhaps one of the better nights he had spent under his host’s roof. It was only when the golden light of day had already begun to wane behind the rooftops that the boy began to stir.

    The first bite of chill evening air passed over his unclothed skin, rousing the urchin awake with a shiver. A soft sigh parted his lips as he stretched his thin limbs, and worked his sleep-stiffened joints with a murmur of enjoyment.

    The boy’s dark eyes blinked slowly open, and the room shifted into focus. He became briefly disorientated by his strange and unfamiliar surroundings. He was greeted not by bland murkiness of his windowless room, but a vibrant, crimson light that bestowed everything with an ethereal glow. The cold air set the curtains shivering once more, and the whole room suddenly seemed like something alive and heaving. The youth’s chest tightened and his limbs twitched with fright, forcing him to sharply turn his head.

    It was then his eyes fell upon the vampire.

    The boy’s expression, at first startled and unhappy, softened at the sight of the owner of the bed he occupied. The urchin had spent the night pressed affectionately into his side, curled against him as though they had been lovers for many, many winters. Even now, his head was tucked into the hollow of his neck and shoulder, one pale arm stretched luxuriantly across his bare chest with audacious familiarity.

    Fabien began the slow task of untangling himself from his host’s long limbs.  When he had created some space between their bodies, his dark eyes eagerly examined the sleeping vampire. The sight of him at rest, his skin rich and gleaming in the crimson light, caused the boy’s skin to heat. With his heart beating fiercely, the boy dared to brush aside strands of hair that spilled milk white over his companion’s dark skin. He carefully traced the gleaming scar at the vampire’s throat, before he turned aside and sat upright on the edge of the bed.

    With a soft sigh, the boy’s hands moved to sweep aside knotted hair which curled and twisted over his eyes. He shrugged his shirt back over his scrawny shoulders, the fabric left unbuttoned and open at his chest.  Then he bent to gather the rest of his clothing, from where it lay in a crumpled heap beside the vampire’s bed.

    With his trousers clutched in one hand, the boy began to study the vampire's room with renewed interest.He lingered by one of the wooden post’s of his host’s bed, curling his arm around the polished beam as he regarded the strange collection of objects on the vampire’s desk.  

    The boy took a hesitant step closer, and may have continued to approach, had not dull sounds of life beyond the curtain captured his attention. The boy turned to where the fabric  danced tantalizingly, and almost at once he was lured to where he could smell the evening air.

    He edged closer, balancing from one foot to the next as he struggled into his clothing.  When still only half dressed, and clutching at his oversized waistband, his fingers stretched fourth to grasp and carefully ease the curtains aside. Unless disturbed, he was sure to sweep the fabric back, desperate to steal a glimpse of the world beyond the vampire’s chamber.

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