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    ** Interlude 4 - They jostle and climb to meet the bristling fire


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    Re: ** Interlude 4 - They jostle and climb to meet the bristling fire

    Post  Fabien on Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:09 pm

    The more heated the boy became, the more easily he opened to the vampire’s mouth. Soon his soft, hesitant sighs and quiet gasps had transformed into a clear, hungry moans of pleasure which were pressed against his host’s lips. The movement of the boy’s body had turned distinctly sensuous, his hips rolling against the vampire’s hand, and rising to greet the warmth of his body.  

    This time when the vampire withdrew, he left the boy gasping.

    Fabien became still, the sounds of his hot, ragged breath mingling with those of his host. He quivered against him, his dark eyes heavy lidded.

    Now freed from the vampire’s grasp, the boy’s hand remained curled loosely in his hair. He pushed his fingers deep into the tangled stands, his pale wrist upturned to reveal cheery outline of his crimson heart beneath his rope burned flesh. His other hand slipped almost sorrowfully away from the vampire’s neck and shoulders, and instead the boy’s thin fingers carefully gripped the vampire’s sheets.

    The urchin’s slowly lowered his gaze, and watched in quiet fascination as his host’s elegant fingers began to disrobe him. He curled his tongue over his lips, his thin chest heaving each time the vampire’s lips met with his skin.

    The bruises and cuts that had once tarnished boy’s skin had paled considerably, only a ghostly array of washed out purple and green blemishes remained.  A consistent supply of high quality food had begun to soften the vicious jut of his bones, bestowing his skin with a pale, healthy glow. It might have seemed he had been raised in luxury, were it not for the the dark swirl of an inky tail that flicked over his chest, before disappearing along the length of his side.  

    By the time the vampire’s hands reached his waist, the youth could scarcely catch his breath. When host plucked open the cloth that bound his lower body, the boy’s eyes moved swiftly away.  It was still difficult for him to lay there, so exposed and vulnerable. He shifted uncomfortably, his hand tightening apprehensively into the fabric bunched in his grasp. There was no avoiding it now, the roused skin aching between his sharp hip bones, firm and slick and much too responsive.

    ”F-fuck. M-monsieur, I... ” He whined softly, writhing under the press of the vampire’s tongue. His neck arched back against the bed, and the muscles of his thighs tensed against his host's sides.

    It was only the sound of his name that enticed the boy’s eyes back to the vampire. His gaze trailed down the length of his naked body, meeting his host’s sightless eyes. The urchin’s youthful brow was pinched with need, a look that only grew more stricken as he watched the vampire take the throbbing tip of his aroused skin into his mouth.

    Oh.” The boy murmured breathily, his filthy toes curling into the vampire's sheets. His spine rose from the bed, and the fingers buried in his flaxen hair stiffened.  

    “Ah, Dieu... s’il vous plaít.”He whimpered under the slick heat of the vampire’s mouth, the curl of his tongue.

    From his panting breath, and the gentle thrust of his hips, it was clear the poor boy would not hold out for long.

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    Re: ** Interlude 4 - They jostle and climb to meet the bristling fire

    Post  Tariq on Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:07 am

    Cool air, scented with the rain-dappled night, whispered into the room from the open balcony. It lazily stirred the bloodied drapes, picking among their rustling folds with cold fingers, and did very little to cool the heat rising from the bodies intertwined in the sinuous tableau on the bed.

    If the vampire took offense to the obscenities that he drew like prayers from the boy’s lips, he did not show it. He was wholly occupied in the teasing of the flesh on his tongue. His eagerness now that he had the boy between his lips breathed from him like mist. His long spine was taut as a flexed bow, vertebrae jutting from beneath the bare skin in hooks of predatory bone, and his lashes were a delicate rime of frost on his cheek beneath closed eyes. The hand that was not possessively wrapped about Fabien’s shaft pressed hard, palm flat, beneath his navel, pinning him by the firm pressure over his pubic bone.

    It was a covetous grip that made clear, despite the honeyed words that had come so easily, that he was the one who was reaping the fruits of this shameful seduction. He was barefaced in his desire, sumptuous and indulgent in his partaking of it. There was a hint of the animal in his intemperance - and more than a suggestion of it in the licking of his lips, the shine in his eyes, the hungry curve of his throat as he took the boy into it.

    Tariq’s mouth sucked softly at the head of his flesh, his tongue running yearningly along the sensitive underside. It took a moment to flick hungrily at the tender slit before, with a hum of appreciation, he eased him deeper into his mouth.

    Somewhere in the heat of that wet mouth working the skin with such unnerving control were sharp teeth that had already split his skin, had swallowed his blood, with similar relish. However, it appeared the vampire had little interest in cutting the boy to a eunuch, and those teeth remained secreted away, hidden behind lips and tongue.

    The boy was a willing accomplice and it was easy to find a rhythm in the bucking hips and ravening mouth that satisfied them both. The vampire did not slow, did not seek to linger or delay his guest’s advancing climax. There was nothing teasing in the sucking of his lips or the lapping of his tongue. His touches were firm, sure, his mouth dripping with hunger, every fiber of his black-hearted being tugging towards a rich and deep fulfillment as though all he ever wanted was to taste this delightful creature writhing in his bed.

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    Re: ** Interlude 4 - They jostle and climb to meet the bristling fire

    Post  Fabien on Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:30 pm

    For some, it might have been thought a pity that his host could not see the subtle changes in the urchin’s expression. The way his youthful lips parted so expressively, mouthing silent gestures of enjoyment into the empty air.  How the muscles about his brow and mouth sometimes grew firm, almost anguished, before softening beneath waves of bliss. And then, how effortlessly he was able inspire such looks of quiet surprise in the boy, as though he had never been touched in such a way.

    But such changes could be easily detected in the way Fabien moved for the vampire.  How the boy had loosened beneath the brush of his lips, how the hot tightness of his throat drew lengthier, trembling gasps from his chest.  

    Soon a low, sultry moan was drawn from him, and caught immediately between the youth’s lower lip. He bit down on it hard, as though desperate to stem the rising tide of loud, eager noises which threatened to colour the air around them. It was a habit perhaps, from living in such confined quarters, where every sound of pleasure was so easily overhead.

    The urchin had not been able to follow the vampire’s order. His eyes had quickly fallen shut, pinched together at times as his body arched again from the bed, pressing firm against his host’s palm. But curiosity compelled him to open them once more, to watch. And so with a gaze clouded with pleasure, he lowered his dark eyes to watch the vampire take him deep into his mouth.

    This was too much, and the boy shuddered violently, his hand still pulling firm against his pale hair.

    Ohh... je ne peux pas.” He murmured thickly.

    Then his soft, sharp gasps were not so easily stifled. Soon they had begun to melt slowly into deep, appreciate moans which spilled like syrup from the tip of his tongue.

    Fabien’s body flexed against the firm pressure of the vampire’s hand, the muscles of his stomach contracting inwards beneath his ribs as he writhed upon his host’s sheets.

    “M-monsieur...” He murmured faintly, his voice trembling. The boy’s fingers relinquished their firm grip in his hair.  

    He took another sharp breath of air, his hips half lifting from the bed as his lower body continued to form a gentle arch. His breathing was ragged, and fraught.

    “Monsieur, I... fuck, I am going to-“

    There was little need for his panicked warning. It was clear from the way his body and aroused skin quivered fiercely against his host’s mouth.  But soon after his whimpered words had left him, the boy came in a hot surge, pressing the underside of his wrist against his mouth to quieten his aching cries.

    It was in this way he remained, panting into the soft skin of his tattooed wrist, his body still electrified and twitching.

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    Re: ** Interlude 4 - They jostle and climb to meet the bristling fire

    Post  Tariq on Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:51 pm

    The vampire did not appear to need Fabien’s anxious warning - his mouth had softened in anticipation, his movements languid and richly luxurious as though he moved underwater. His tongue was wet with desire. He parted his jaws and took the boy deeper in his throat with a soft groan that reverberated along the skin like the growl of a pipe organ setting stained glass to trembling.

    When the end came, Tariq shuddered as though his long-dead flesh had sympathy for that little death. His long spine, bared to the gentle flicker of candlelight, shivered like the bones of a snake. His palm below the boy’s stomach tightened enough to be painful as it ground into the bones of his pelvis.

    Whatever else could be said about him, the vampire was not finicky. The muscles of his throat contracted as he swallowed and a fine shiver traced along his limbs at the taste of his boy. The scars along his neck winked at the movement.

    It was only with reluctance that he pulled away, his mouth forming kisses of adoration on the slick skin. His panting breath tangled hot in his throat. He gathered himself and crept up to the boy’s chest, his hair trailing along the bare skin behind him, and fell heavily at his side. Silently, he reached for the boy’s thin wrist, taking it tenderly between his fingers. His wet mouth kissed the soft underside of his scarred wrist, his tongue warm on the imprint of his stifled moans before finding, as though by instinct, the boy’s lips. When their mouths met, he tasted decidedly of the urchin’s spent pleasure.

    His eyes were half-lidded, the rim of white bright in the gloom. When he spoke, a startlingly human fatigue softened the words to ash on his tongue. His teeth glistened like ivory.

    “Très bien, Fabien,” he said huskily, shifting to thoughtlessly put his arms around him, holding him in a possessive embrace. He pulled him close, seemingly unconcerned with their disheveled states of varying nudity. His skin was flushed with warmth where it met the boy’s. The vampire appeared to be every bit as uninterested in the firm skin pressing insistently against his guest’s thigh as he breathed a soft sigh of pleasure into the nape of the boy’s neck.

    He inhaled the scent of his hair and exhaled in a whisper. “Stay with me tonight, beau garçon.” Like most of his requests, it was not a question.

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    Re: ** Interlude 4 - They jostle and climb to meet the bristling fire

    Post  Fabien on Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:53 pm

    The vampire left the boy gasping, his body still trembling long after he had released upon his host’s tongue. He was barely aware of the vampire’s movements, did not sense him pull away until he felt the whisper of his hair across his sensitive skin. It was only then that the urchin began to quieten, his movements turning languid and sleep-hungry.

    Fabien’s wrist fell limp and heavy into the vampire’s grasp, his once clenched fingers unfurling lazily. When he met his lips once more, the youth relished in his taste on the vampire’s tongue. The boy’s heavy breath shivered against his host’s lips, and his darkly ringed eyes slowly closed.

    The boy initially settled somewhat uncomfortably into the vampire’s arms, and lay at his side as still as a corpse. It was as though this sudden closeness between them was startlingly new, too difficult for him to comprehend. But it did not last, and soon his weary limbs had relaxed once more into satisfied softness.

    The urchin did not respond to the vampire. He had lapsed into a quiet broken only by the sound of his deep, heavy breathing. He continued to lay still, feeling the soft heat of the vampire’s breath against his neck.

    When it seemed the boy had slipped into sleep, he began to stir. It seemed his energy had not been entirely spent, for soon he was turning his head in an attempt to look upon the vampire. The boy’s dark eyes were glistening in the crimson tinged light, his expression thoughtful.

    “Monsieur?” He murmured softly.

    “It is true, what you said. I did come here for you tonight, I wanted-.”  He trailed off abruptly, his breath hissing between his teeth. After a pause, he tried once more to voice his thoughts.

    “You said I am not to ask why I am here; only to know that it pleases you to have me.”

    Soon the youth was attempting to turn onto his side, reaching to pull his shirt back over one shoulder. His other hand settled carefully on the vampire’s forearm, a soft, nervous touch. As though the vampire were something hallowed, and the youth felt his affection was presumptuous. But he found his confidence soon enough, and then his thin fingers were sliding down, tracing over the rise of his knuckles.

    “But why, Monsieur? Out of all the...”

    “This city is full of unfortunates, non? And this is one city of many.”

    “Why do you treat me well, and let me live here with you? Pourquoi ne me le diras-tu pas?

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    Re: ** Interlude 4 - They jostle and climb to meet the bristling fire

    Post  Tariq Today at 2:16 am

    For a time, it seemed the vampire’s hands could not settle. They stroked along Fabien’s ribs with evident pleasure, idly soothing over the curve of his shoulder, becoming tangled in the curls of his hair. His skin was flushed and his hands left a ghostly trail of heat wherever they roamed.

    However, as the boy stilled and relaxed, softening against him, Tariq’s covetous hands quieted. Soon the warm breaths flickering at the nape of the boy’s neck had deepened and slowed. By the time the boy stirred to murmur his soft query the vampire was still, curled protectively about his guest in a lazy sprawl of dark limb and pale hair.

    At the sound, his gleaming eyes opened. He hummed attentively to indicate his interest before lapsing back into silence.

    His teeth did not show in the smile the boy’s confession sparked. “Je connais,” he said with a voice still rough with desire, his lips brushing the top of the boy's spine.

    His good humour disappeared like a spark in a breeze at the tentative question, to be replaced with sober contemplation. He was quiet for a long while.

    “I will tell you as best I can,” he said at last, the words soft as cinders. “Although there is some I cannot say.” He shifted, drawing away from the boy as though to better gather his thoughts.

    “There are many cities and there have been many… unfortunates,” he said. There was another pause before he continued. “You must understand, desire sits in my stomach like hunger, it tastes of thirst. I cannot separate this want from your blood.”

    The fist that the boy’s fingers grazed flexed as though in frustration at the insufficiency of this explanation’s beginning. The vampire took the urchin’s hand and overturned it in his palm, his fingernails tracing a gentle trail along the inside of his wrist. There was a faint urgency in the movement. His gaze did not quite settle on the boy.

    “Even now, here in this quiet room, I think you would tremble to know the depth of that ache. I did not know I was not going to kill you until my teeth were in your throat. There have been many, many unfortunates just like you… until that moment. Do you understand me?”

    He exhaled a breath and his gaze skittered away. After a moment’s pause he continued in a low voice.

    “It was not a falsehood, it pleases me immeasurably to have you. Plus que tu ne sais. I would like to keep you longer.” There was a curious lack of shame in these words, as though this were the most natural sentiment in the world. When he turned his head, his hair fell across his face in long strands.

    “Can it be enough, for now, that it pleases me? It is no small thing.”

    The fingers that had been occupied in tracing idle figures along the blue arteries of the boy’s scarred wrist had stilled. The vampire followed suit, unmoving save for the steady rise and fall of his bare chest. When he returned to motion it was to settle back against the boy, gathering him jealously against him. His breath tickled against his ear.

    “When you were bound to that bed, expecting another stranger come to torment and misuse you, you told me you would gladly face starvation or cruelty outside those walls so long as you were given a chance. That it was better to fight even at the risk of suffering than to accept comfort earned in cowardice, luxury won through indignity.”

    The press of his fingers was a steady weight on the boy’s wrist. “And you have suffered, haven’t you? I feel it has carved deep channels through you, and something in me sounds to those depths in you. I knew that you have the capacity for great pleasure-” Without warning, his sharp fingernail slid quickly along the inside of his wrist. It would not truly hurt, it did not break the skin, but it was something like pain that would surely burn like a brand before fading away.

    “And for great pain,” he said quietly. Silver motes glittered pensively in his eyes. “Is it presumptuous of me, that my restless heart beats to fill those channels?”

    The vampire turned and his hands withdrew from the boy. His chest rose and fell quickly, his breath nearly panting, although his next words were carefully neutral, devoid of emotion.

    “Are you unhappy here?”

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    Re: ** Interlude 4 - They jostle and climb to meet the bristling fire

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